Turn up the brightness, turn up the solar power.

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The popularity of Solar is exploding throughout the world. Driven by a combination of technology advancements and federal tax incentives, putting solar on your home is more affordable than ever before! There’s many good reasons to go solar including saving the planet, saving money and increased self-sufficiency. Studies have shown that many people make the jump to solar because of a combination of all three. The increases in solar technology over the last several years makes it a great long-term investment. In fact, installing solar on your home or business is actually cheaper than buying solar from the power company. The added benefits of being more environmentally friendly and great control of your power are just a bonus. The biggest change that came with the latest generation Q-cell technology solar panels is the high efficiency output over the 25-year life of the panels. The data shows us that the new Q-cell panels still perform at 85% efficiency even after 25-years of being on your home. This means huge cost savings on power plus a cleaner world for our children. If you were ever considering going solar, now is the time.