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Why choose Solar Pro?


Solar Pro is committed to our company philosophy –

We’re in business to help people save money and

reduce carbon emissions, one footprint at a time!


Solar Pro has the Best Products


How do you know which type of solar system is your best choice? Solar Pro has done the research for you! We sell and install state of the art photovoltaic systems manufactured by world leaders in solar energy technology. All of the solar products that Solar Pro installs are low-maintenance, high-performance, and guaranteed to last.


Solar Pro is proud to announce that we are dealer-partners for AllSun Tracker PV systems by AllEarth Renewables of Vermont!  AllEarthRenewables


Solar Pro is a dealer-partner with Civic Solar for roof-top and fixed ground mount solar equipment.

Solar Pro recommends Enphase micro-inverters with the sophisticated Envoy reporting system for residential installations.  With Enphase, you can easily monitor the performance of your system and watch the output of each solar panel in your array.  


Solar Pro has the Best Price


Solar Pro is offering our solar systems substantially below average retail prices, fully installed and guaranteed. We’re a small, local Vermont company with low business overhead, and we will pass along those savings to YOU!  We sincerely want to save people money and help our environment. While working to achieve those goals, we are installing quality solar products and providing our customers with great service.


Solar Pro has the Best Service


Solar Pro installers are trained, certified, and insured.  We have installed more than 75 solar systems in southwestern Vermont, nearby New York state, and Massachusetts.  We are all residents of Vermont and will be here before, during, and after your solar installation to answer your questions and help with advice.  Solar Pro is a small company that is responsive and in touch with our customers.


Solar Pro is an authorized state of Vermont full photovoltaic partner which entitles our cusotmers to be eligible for state financial incentives.  See:  Renewable Energy Vermont's list of approved PV Partners.





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